Join The ADHD Coaching Connection

  • Big Impact, Small Price Tag

    Our 20+ coaches and ADHD professionals volunteer their coaching time and expertise but at no sacrifice of their talent or professionalism. We believe that together we can provide quality coaching with greater financial accessibility to our ADHD individuals and families.

  • Get To Know Your Coach

    The Coaching Connection facilitates a monthly platform to learn from and experience coaching through a variety of excellent coaches and perspectives. You can now "shop around" to find your perfect match before you have to decide you want to commit to just one.

  • Resources and Community

    In addition to 4 LIVE coaching calls a month access is granted to any previous calls from the year in the coaching video archives. This includes special guests, and ADHD skills sessions with downloadable PDF files for at-home ADHD specific personal development.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Kamden

I'm a mom of three little girls doing my best to find joy as "Queen of Good Enough" most days just trying to hold it all together. Can you relate? As a 36 year old woman I was diagnosed with adult ADHD and found myself right where you are now! When I started off on this ADHD journey solo I knew something was missing. I went on a search for other professionals and resources that knew more about ADHD than I did and were willing to help me understand myself and my life better. Through the power of social media I have now connected hundreds of my one-on-one clients with coaches and to help them on their own journey. The ADHDirectory Coaching Connection is my way to help even more of the ADHD community to find the exact help that they need just like I so desperately searched for a little over a year ago. There is certainly not one perfect way of living an ADHD life, but I believe with the proper support we all begin to create a life that allows us to feel a little more of who we were always meant to be.
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What Happens when I join?

For the price of take out, you'll get monthly access to ALL of these resources to help you flex your best ADHD muscles:

  • LIVE Group Coaching Sessions (and special guests): Get ready for your mind to be blown! Once a week for 60 minutes you will learn from and experience group coaching with one of our hand selected ADHD/Life Coaches or special ADHD professional guests. 

  • Killer ADHD Management Resources: We will be adding monthly to our PDF archive of researched techniques, tips, tricks, organizers, and brain hacks. 

  • ADHD Skills Sessions:  Learn skills in a brain hacking session from our professionally trained and certified Educational Resource Specialist. 

  • Your Own Personal ADHD Cheerleaders: Join our Community and receive support, encouragement, and accountability not just from Kamden and the Directors but your fellow Connection members. 

All of the above comes included in your membership fee and all trainings and tools are available for replay at any time of day. (Did someone say masterclass and chill? ☕)